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Why Choose EasyForms

EasyForms is so much more than your standard workflow and job management solution. Unlike traditional workflow and job management solutions, EasyForms can tailor a solution to your business needs as we understand that "no one size fits all" when it comes to managing a job, project or business.

Smart technology and mobile functionality are fast becoming essentials in order for businesses to stay competitive and efficient. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business stay ahead.


Customised to your needs

Our solutions can be designed specifically to your business needs. Call us to find out more.


Streamline your processes

Our app-based solution means you can wave goodbye to stacks of paperwork, inefficiencies, double handling + much more.


User friendly designs

Our solutions are easy-to-use and user friendly.

A snapshot of EasyForms Software

EasyForms Solutions

Our forms can be accessed through both iOS and Android devices. Our Easy WorkFlow Management System/web portal can be accessed via your PC, laptop or tablet/iPad.


Our Solutions

Replace Paper Forms and Processes

Eliminate stacks of paper, double handling and errors. Read More +

EasyForms can automate your paper forms and processes into an easy-to-use app-based solution, streamlining your existing processes while mobilising your business effortlessly.

Connecting Office-to-Field Workers

Increase connectivity to office-to-field workers and vice versa. Read More +

Helping you to collaborate and communicate more effectively with colleagues out in the field in real-time.

Job Management

Whether in the office, or in the field, feel more in control of all of your jobs on the go from start to completion. Read More +

EasyForms job management solution includes, but is not limited to; job history, job details, scheduling, planning, tracking and everything in between. With everything you need in one location, making it easy to manage and send data and project information.

Job Scheduling

Managing jobs, projects and tasks of those in the field is now easy! Read More +

Send requests, job notifications, updates and more to mobile staff with ease. Field workers can be notified instantly as jobs, tasks and deadlines change.

Project Management

Providing you with better control and visibility of all jobs and staff from the office. Read More +

Project management made easy! View everything you need to in relation to the many jobs you are managing at a glance. Assign jobs and tasks from the office and track timelines in real-time.

Health and Safety

Streamline your health and safety processes and documentation via our app-based solution. Read More +

Helping you to drive more efficient health and safety processes as dictated by you.


With real-time tracking capabilities, you can now feel confident when it comes to tracking hours spent on jobs. Read More +

Say goodbye to lost pieces of paper scribbled with hours and complete the process through our easy-to-use app. Managers can then easily view and approve time and job sheet information. The capabilities are virtually endless.


Mobilising and standardising quoting – quote instantly in the field and send directly to the client in real-time. Read More +

Streamline your quoting processes while giving you the ability to link to your product lists and look-up products through drop down lists making quoting more accurate and efficient.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders on the spot through our app, saving you time and double-handling. Read More +

Keeping things in order! Allocate, order inventory and have complete visibility of stock levels across the business from one place.

Inventory Management

Manage assets and inventory on site, or wherever you are with ease. Read More +

Keeping things in order! Allocate, order inventory and have complete visibility of stock levels across the business from one place.

Leave Forms

Leave forms can be managed and entered via an app from anywhere, at anytime. Read More +

Leave form data can then be driven back into your accounting software. Managers can be sent notifications on their device for instant authorisation.


Have increased visibility of customer information, sales targets, leads, with the ability to link calendar appointments to your CRM and reports (with GPS tracking), plus much more. Read More +

Giving you the ability to move data and information more efficiently. We can customise a design specifically for your business needs.


At a glance, view profit lost or made on all jobs, plus much more in real-time. Read More +

View well designed, clear reports giving you greater transparency and increased insights across your business so you can stay ahead of the game.


We can provide greater efficiency around invoicing, where lost timesheets, invoices and so on are a thing of the past. Read More +

Invoicing made easy! Our easy-to-use app can direct the data of your choice to your accounting software.

GPS Tracking

Have better visibility of your fleet’s location at all times plus more. Read More +

Our app can give you accurate data that is updated with your fleets location on the spot. This data can then link to timesheets so you can view exactly how much time is being spent on a job or project.

EasyForms Features

Our apps are equipped with a variety of features to make your job a whole lot easier.

  • PlaceholderDate / Time stamp
  • PlaceholderAudio Recording
  • PlaceholderBarcode Scanner
  • PlaceholderGPS Tracking
  • PlaceholderPhoto Capture
  • PlaceholderDigital Signature
  • PlaceholderVideo Capture
  • PlaceholderImage Annotation
  • PlaceholderNFC Scanning
  • PlaceholderCloud Connection

We Work In All Business Environments

EasyForms can offer solutions to a wide range of businesses and industries.

In the Office

In the Office

Say hello to having more hours in your work day to focus on the things you need to. Increase collaboration across teams and increase office-to-mobile worker connectivity. View, create and schedule jobs effortlessly, sending notifications to workers in real-time. Receive data for invoicing, timesheets and everything else you need via our integrated solution.

On the Go

Manage jobs and projects from start to finish efficiently with our easy-to-use app from anywhere, at anytime. Enter field data into app-based forms on the go, sending them to the location and people of your choice instantly. Our forms can be completed on or offline, data can then be moved once in range.

In the Office
In the Office

For Management

Our Easy Workflow Management System/web portal provides management total visibility across all jobs and projects from start to completion and everything in between in real-time. With the ability to send notifications and updates to those in the field or away from the office instantly. Have complete visibility of status and project updates, reporting, budget tracking, plus much more - you can thank us later!

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Daniel Hadfield

Licensing & Compliance Division, Auckland Council

"EasyForms have been a key factor in helping us to become a smarter, more mobile workforce and have worked alongside us to help move from a manual, paper based process, to an intelligent digital process."

Mark Chapman

General Manager, Passrite

“EasyForms spent time with us understanding our structure and requirements and then delivered a great solution which cut our admin time and simplified the process for our assessors. This also improved our service to our customers.”

Service Operations, Toyota

“EasyForms took the design of our survey/audit and built this into a user friendly interface. The other solutions that were investigated before using EasyForms often missed core functionality and were not flexible enough in the reporting space.  Many other systems provided some core functionality, but not the bespoke report outputs that we required.  This was the key difference between EasyForms and the rest.”

EasyForms Integrations

We can integrate with a range of software and programs.

Privacy and security: We store data on Microsoft Azure, which has the same level of security that most banks use.

Apps EasyForms integrates with

Here Are Just a Few of the Clients We Work With:

Auckland City Council
University of Auckland
North City

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